Video enthusiasts in all flavours love Kyno as a simple, time-saving tool to get the most out of the material they shoot, regardless whether they use a GoPro when snowboarding, surfing, cycling, mountain-biking or they document their travels or are film birds, other animals, planes, automobiles or whatever they like to shoot, because Kyno helps them to

  • view all material instantly and effortlessly whether it's still on their SD cards or on their computer
  • select the good parts and throw away the garbage quickly
  • organize their video clips on their drives by whatever means they want (folder structure, tags/keywords, ratings)
  • convert clips for use in social media or their home entertainment solution
  • create fabulous image galleries and subclips from video files for social media use

Kyno pays back its license price in saved time as well as hassle-free handling of video and thus more time for the good things in life as well as more fun pursuing their passions.